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Our Story

John and A.J. first met in 11th-grade study hall in Naperville, IL. Fast forward 20 years and they are still best friends and run the bottle shop together.

After high school, they both attended the University of Kentucky, where you could find them filling a solo cup with whatever they could get their hands on. Luckily, things change and they both since expanded their craft beer horizons.

Owners talking about beer
Owners talking about beer

Home in Hendersonville

Over the next decade, they moved around the country, working different jobs. Eventually, they both found themselves living in Western North Carolina, where they fell in love with the town of Hendersonville. John landed a job at a bottle shop in Hickory, that opened the door to the idea of one day opening his own bottle shop. A.J. was on board to help, and after a few years of learning the ropes in Hickory, and the support of family and friends, they opened the shop together at the beginning of 2020.


The Hendersonville community gathered in support of The Blue Door, and the shop quickly became the local place to sit back, relax, and catch up with friends. Although they are not in study hall anymore, you can often find best friends A.J. and John, behind the bar researching new hard-to-find imported craft beers to bring to town.